Friday, September 20, 2013


Welcome to my blog!  As you will learn, I have this strange obsession with budgeting and love discussing it with others.  Many of my friends and family think I spend too much time devising ways to save, but they fail to see the joy I get from it.  It's not just about surviving financially for me; it's a puzzle, a competition with my bank account.  Even if I pulled down a 7-figure salary, I would still be frugal with my money because, wait for's fun!  I'm sure that sounds weird since most people dread paying bills and balancing their checkbooks, but doesn't everyone also love having money?  I equate frugality to a crossword puzzle that pays you for every answer you get right.

Basically, I love to save and haven't been able to convince those closest to me how awesome it is.  My boyfriend, for example, just doesn't understand my excitement after a grocery shopping trip where I managed to save 70%.  This is my place to discuss thriftiness with other like-minded individuals, and possibly sway a few over to the dark side.

The second part of my handle ("fan") represents my love for sports.  I've been a sports fan since before I can remember.  Seriously, my parents have video of me as a toddler watching the NFL with my dad, actively cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals (I think I liked them cause they looked like Tigger).  So occasionally I will post about sports too.

Well, that's it for now.  Signing off!

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